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Make the most of your living space.

“We create practial, meaningful and aesthetic homes through design.”

A small apartment can become wider with a clever layout and a good internal distribution of the space. A small room can be more spacious with the right furniture in it. Every square meter counts and it is crucial to make them as practical as possible, in the same way as meaningful and aesthetic.

When we talk about maximising your home, we are not just talking about making the most of the quantity of available space you have. We are also talking about the quality of it. Even if your rooms are generous and you have no lack of space, you can make the most of your home potential by improving the light of your rooms, the distribution of the space or the selection of furniture.

Thinking about function and aesthetics, we always focus the whole design around the lifestyle of our clients. Starting from that point, we can understand the needs and requirements of each project and how the client wants to live and interact in their living space.

Maximising your home potential means that your home design will be adapted to your needs, lifestyle, and desires, enhancing your day to day and making it more practical, easier and enjoyable.

How you use your rooms, how you interact in your space and how you want to feel in every corner of your home needs to be analysed and reflected into your home design.

Case Study

how we make the most of your property

From one bedroom to two bedroom garden flat.

“Maximising the potential of a small garden flat in North London”

Location: North London
Type of property: Garden flat
Project: Rear extension and whole renovation

The main goal of this project was to maximise the space and potential of the property. Originally, the one bedroom flat was quite small: 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, a living room that function as dining area as well and a small kitchen. Fortunately, we had the opportunity to expand it, designing a rear extension taking advantage of the garden.

The ambitious brief consisted in adding to the property a new ensuite bedroom, a fully equipped kitchen with dining area, a laundry room, and more storage. The garden needed to be reduced in order to create more space inside the flat, but a new outdoor area next to the dining room and kitchen was a requirement as well. Improving the amount of natural light coming to the flat, and making the rooms brighter were included in the requests.

The original layout was not the best it could be. The flat was divided into 4 areas: bedroom, bathroom, living room, and kitchen. The living room and dining area were in the same room and the small kitchen was separated through a small and narrow corridor.

After several ideas and exploring different options for the space we came up with the ideal layout for this property, thinking clever and economically. The main goal was to get a second bedroom and a bigger kitchen, so we decided to open one side and connect it with the living room (for the new kitchen and dining) and leave the other side for private rooms, the new bedroom and ensuite bathroom.


Improving natural light.

“Making the most of the natural light in any interior changes everything”

One of the challenges was getting as much natural light as possible on the entire flat. The living room was the major concern, as its position in the extended layout was in the center of the flat, and there were no windows to illuminate the room. We needed to communicate the living room with the kitchen and the dining area to achieve a feeling of wider space at the same time that allowing the flow of natural light through the three areas.

In order to get as much light as possible, we designed 3 rooflights for the kitchen and dining area, one of them situated close to the living room to get as much light as possible in the area. The bright colour scheme for the kitchen also helps to make the rooms feel spacious and brighter due to the reflection of the light.

Another challenge regarding the improvement of natural light, was the new ensuite bathroom. It didn’t have the possibility of any window, but we wanted to explore the options to get as much light as possible in all areas of the flat. The solution came with the design of the wet room. A frosted glass, instead of a wall, dividing the shower from the kitchen area, granted plenty of light coming from the kitchen rooflights to the new ensuite bathroom.

The integration of outdoors into the interior space

“Connecting the inside with nature and its enviroment”

During the development of the new layout design, we also took into account the possibility of integrating the outdoors into the interior, allowing a view of the garden from all the rooms. To make this possible, a large window at the back of the flat, framing the beautiful garden, was the perfect background for the open plan area. A big window in the new bedroom, also offer the view of green outdoors from this area of the flat

At the same time, we wanted to offer the possibility to connect the outdoors with the dining area, to make this room more versatile and open to the garden. Bifold doors open up the indoor space transforming the patio into a bigger outdoor room just opening the doors, with the benefit of shade and immediate proximity to the kitchen

The essence is in the details.

“Details that make your home unique”

To make the most of any interior design, it is vital to think about the whole picture of it. How the rooms are distributed and how they work with each other. Which are the beautiful features of an existing space, the ones that give character to a room, and which areas are the ones that need more work to be improved. How you can use every square meter of a room in a functional and aesthetic way. What the people that lives there wants to achieve from their interiors…

It’s all about having a complete understanding of the entire space, the interaction of people in it, and having the experience to know the best and clever ways to achieve the desired goals. We apply all that knowledge and understanding into our interior design projects, developing bespoke homes that are meant to be lived and enjoyed.

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