House extension and renovation

A family house extension and renovation in North London

Although this terraced house in North London had three bedrooms, Adriana and her husband wanted more space to be able to host family and friends. The house was set over two narrow floors and one small loft. The ground floor was quite dark and the biggest inconvenience was the internal walls blocking the flow of light. Besides the light, the walls also blocked the vision of the garden.

They wanted to connect the garden with the interior of the house. At the same time, they wished to keep the rooms as opened and bright as possible. Adriana was dreaming about a big beautiful space to spend time with her family and friends.

Additionally, they also needed a loft extension to add a new bedroom to the property. With the loft extension, they will enjoy a great master bedroom on that floor.

house extension

When I met Adriana I understood her biggest concern. As the ground floor was so narrow, she had no idea about how to distribute the open area. She knew she wanted a big sofa, an island in the kitchen and a dining area close to the garden. However, she didn’t know how to make it work and how to make the most of the space.

She also needed help to design the space of her kid’s bedroom and her master bedroom in the new extended loft.

Regarding the style, they loved contemporary and bright rooms with Nordic warm vibes.

When I created the mood board, I had into account using materials and textures to give warmth to the rooms. At the same time, I wanted to improve the amount of light in every room, so mirrors and reflective materials were a must.

interior design mood board
Open plan ground floor

The ground floor was the most important space for them. They wanted to keep it as open and as big as possible. In order to achieve this, the only walls planned on this floor were the ones that enclose the bathroom.

Another requirement was to be able to see the tv from every corner of the open plan. They wanted to use the tv in the living room and, in other times, in the dining room or kitchen.

After thinking about the design and layout of the ground floor, we decided to separate the living room from the dining room with a tv stand furniture. This way, the tv stand creates a difference between areas, allowing open space and visual communication at the same time. Also, it would be easy for them to rotate the television to one side or another, depending on their needs.

To make a difference between areas, we thought about putting wooden boards covering the living room wall. This way, we added warmth to the open plan and visually make a distinction between the living room and the rest.

While these wooden boards keep the areas separated in a visual way, the line stripes on the ceiling create a connection in the whole space.

In the end, the layout of the ground floor resulted welcoming and spacious. The L shape sofa is inviting you to sit and get comfortable. The way to the kitchen is clear and you even can see the garden from the entrance.

Something special about the dining area is the glass showcase on the floor. Adriana and her husband had this idea in mind. They wanted this place in the floor to put elements with sentimental value in a decorative way.

house extension
Kid’s bedroom

Besides the ground floor design, Adriana also needed help with the bedrooms. We decided to follow the same neutral warm palette for all the rooms of the house. White mixed with neutral tones and wood.

Regarding the bedrooms, they wanted simple and practical guest bedrooms. For their little girl, they required a beautiful room where she can have her space to sleep but also to play.

The Nordic style bed is the main element in the kid’s bedroom. A small table, a storage box, and one closet is all the furniture the little girl needed in her room.

home renovation - kids room

I designed and painted a botanical mural in one of the walls of the kid’s bedroom. Adriana wanted something special for this room and together we decided that a handpainted mural will add texture and colour.

We decided a botanical theme because it looks beautiful for a little kid’s bedroom, but also, will be appropriate in the future for a teenager.

Before painting the mural, I created some sketches to study the overall shape. At the same time, I did a colour palette selection of green and pink colours to use in the mural.

home renovation - kids room
Loft extension and master bedroom

Adriana and her husband wanted a comfortable bedroom on the top floor of their house. The loft extension allowed a big master bedroom, one dressing area, and one bathroom.

Placing the bed behind the sloped ceiling was a good idea to make this space look more cozy and intimate. One side table and a chest of drawers function as storage and decorative elements for this room.

The wallpaper behind the chest of drawers gives different tones of the colour palette that we were using while emphasizes the tranquil mood we wanted to achieve.

master bedroom - loft extension

The bedroom is divided from the dressing room by the closet. Useful shelves for shoes and accessories are in the corners of the dressing room. In this area, the main element is a dressing table with a round mirror hanging on the wall.

The different textures and soft colours play an important role in the design.

The same wallpaper used behind the chest of drawers is also covering the right wall of the room. The wallpaper unifies both areas and contributes to create an intimate mood giving warmth and interest to the whole space.

master bedroom - loft extension

“My biggest concern was to create a beautiful and practical room where we could spend time with family and friends. The living room and dining room seemed impossible to conect in a practical way that worked for all of us. Talking and working with Tania was the key to solve all of our problems!”


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