Warehouse conversion into a small studio

A warehouse turned into a comfy small studio in Madrid center.

From a 30m2 warehouse, this project was about maximising and transforming the available space to create a beautiful contemporary studio in the center of Madrid.

When Alvaro bought this place, it was a small warehouse with concrete floors, broken windows and bare ceilings. You couldn’t see a habitable space in there, but he was determined to transform that warehouse into a 1 bedroom studio.

The initial goal was to create a small but comfy apartment with kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom and bathroom in 30m2. All of it in a practical and economical way. Challenging for sure, but not impossible!

brick wall

We noticed the potential of the existent brick wall right away, and we both agreed to develop the design around this beautiful feature. It was the key element that unified and gave personality to the whole space.

Without even thinking about it, the style was already defined. An industrial-chic style softened with some nordic elements would be perfect for this space and its purpose.

The red brick wall was already very powerful. We needed to keep the rest of the space bright in order to make it look bigger and neat. Light grey floors and white walls created contrast with the brick wall and black elements, like windows and glass panel. The windows are in the most important wall of the studio (the brick wall). They need to be beautiful and to have a design according to the rest of the place.

small studio

Although it was a small space, Alvaro wanted to create all the possible comforts required in an apartment. A comfortable and stylish bathroom, an area to chill, a place to enjoy food and a space to rest.

The warehouse consisted of a small corridor that led to a squared room. Dividing this square between living areas and the bedroom was a good idea to start the design.

We agreed to the overall distribution and now we needed to think about how to separate the different areas. It was important to think about the light. The room only had windows on the brick wall to illuminate the whole space.

Creating a wall to divide the bedroom from the rest was not a good idea. The bedroom would look tiny and the kitchen and living area would be quite small as well. Thinking about the design, I wanted to add not to subtract.

warehouse converted into a small studio

The best solution to divide the space was a glass panel. It would allow some privacy and yet would create the feeling of a larger space in both areas. This was also essential to get as much light as possible to all the rooms.

In addition to that, the panel reinforced the industrial style we were looking for the design of the apartment.

At that point, the layout was clear and the main elements decided. Now was time to focus on the style and the general mood to continue defining the different areas of the studio.

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small studio kitchen

The kitchen

The best location for the kitchen and dining area was in the middle of the studio. Seemed quite logical that the bedroom was located at the back and the living area in the left corner.

The design of the kitchen, alined with the wall, contains everything necessary for 2 people. The vintage fridge, the chalk wall, the white tiles, and the metal extractor, emphasize the style and give personality to the studio. Also, the lights play an important role in creating the mood.

The dining table is the central and dynamic point of the studio, with space up to 6 people.

small studio

Living area

In one side, the living area has of a nordic style sofa and a side table. Both highlighted with a gallery wall background of frames and warm colour drawings.

The gallery wall creates interest and coziness to this corner. We played with warm tones, similar to the brick wall colours, on the cushions and paintings.

The different areas are also accentuated by the lamps. The big pendant lamp in the living room is delimiting through the light that area. The same with the pendant lamps above the dining table and the wall lamps in the kitchen.

small apartment in Madrid center

The brick wall unifies the space, but the elements and furniture are responsible for visually separating the different areas.

In the left corner, two more cabinets continue from the kitchen to cover the wide of that wall in a visual way. The cabinets work as storage and living room furniture as well, framing the TV integrated into the wall.

We wanted to keep it simple. At the same time create interest and make different areas as comfortable and practical as possible. A beautiful stylish design is equally important than a practical and well-designed space.

small apartment

The bathroom

The bathroom was designed to be as comfortable as possible. To keep the same style in the whole studio, we used hydraulic tiles on the floor and one wall. To create contrast and make this room brighter, we use white tiles for the rest.

It is vital to keep a coherence between the different rooms or areas in the same apartment. Especially in a small studio like this one.

The basin cabinet goes from the basin to the floor to make the most of that space. The main goal of this project was to maximize the space keeping it simple and clear.

Just as the windows needed to look great and beautiful in the brick wall – the most important feature in the studio- the same happened with the switches.

The importance is in the details. This is so important, that something as simple as a switch can make a big difference.

These vintage style switches were the perfect ones for the brick wall. They remark even more the industrial style with the black metal pipe that covers the wire.

small apartment 1 bedroom

The bedroom

Behind the glass panel, a king-size bedroom is the main character. The pendant lights in both sizes enclose the bed. Also, the small simple detail of a plant in the middle creates a focal point and interest to the background in a simple and elegant way.

We used a black stool as one side table. Some big framed paintings on the other side to break the symmetry.

Cleverly located, a good size closet is in the corner next to the glass panel and aligned with the wall. It allows plenty of storage and it is visually pleasant from all points of the studio.

It was important to keep things simple.

In small places like this one, it is essential to use minimal concepts to make the room appear bigger and clean. What makes the difference is to make the most of the space thinking about every detail of the design. How things will be used, the best way of placing objects and how elements interact with each other.

This project was beautiful and special since the beginning. The building told us the style and the space gave us guidance for the layout and the design. We just focussed on the details to make it perfect.

“Tania understood what I wanted to achieve better than I did. Her vision of the space and her ideas to make the most of it were invaluable for the project. I knew it was going to look good, but the final result has exceeded my expectations.”


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