10 Simple and Stunning Fall Decoration Ideas

Autumn is a beautiful season to inspire your home decoration. Neutral tones, cosy rooms filled with cushions and blankets, dried leaves and plants… For these days that are already beginning to be colder, fall decoration sounds like a good plan to me.

If you want to decorate your home to welcome the fall in a simple, conscious, and clever way, take advantage of things you already have at home, the colorful leaves and branches that are outside your door and use some touches that get the desired seasonal mood.

The best fall decoration ideas are the ones that are simple to integrate into your home, the ones that give you joy and the ones that are practical all year round.

Yes, that is possible. With some easy and simple touches, your seasonal home decor doesn’t have to be challenging or expensive. Use what you have in a clever way and simply change around a few things to create your fall decoration for this year.

I’ve been collecting ideas through Pinterest, and these are the easiest and most beautiful ones for a simple and stunning fall decoration. Most of these ideas are based on timeless design principles and would work great to decorate your home the whole year, but integrating some small touches, they will convert your home into a beautiful fall retreat.

1. Create a fall hanging installation

via amberthrane

I personally love this idea. With a few branches and leaves, you can create a gorgeous fall decoration for your walls, that honestly, I would use all year to decorate my home as well.

The installation in the picture looks amazing and it is done with wheat, pampas grass, leaf Bushell, eucalyptus and branches. If you feel like doing some DIY, you can see how to make it here.

You can also go creative and make your own version with a few branches and plants that you have around. To go for that Autumn look, use neutral tones and experiment with shapes and natural textures.

Also (it is worth mentioning it because of its beauty), the pumpkins inside the chimney and their colours matching the ones of the plants, make the whole decoration stand out!

2. Use beautiful pumpkins

via somuchbetterwithage

Pumpkins are a typical resource for fall decoration but the thing is that they are easy to get and always look stunning! Another advantage is that when the season ends or when you feel that the pumpkins have to go, you can make a pumpkin cake with them!

Choose some beautiful colours and integrate them into your decoration with some dried plants. You can also paint some of them in white for a more minimal and clean look.

Place them in different spots in your home to create the same mood in all your rooms. For instance, put some pumpkins and plants in the chimney, decorate your tables with them or even you can place some of the big ones on the floor.

3. Decorate with some cushions

via lovecreatecelebrate

There are cushions that for their autumnal colours are helpful to recreate the fall mood. There are others that are specifically designed to welcome this season, like the white one “Hello Fall” in the picture.

It looks great and you can use it as a white cushion all year round if you turn it over. The one in the picture is a DIY but you can find more designs like this cute Hello Pumpkin cushion from Etsy.

However, if the little trick of turning around your cushions doesn’t work for you, you can go for dark orange or neutral red cushions to decorate your rooms instead. Maybe you already have some of those around? You can use them all the time but make them stand out more this season placing some dried leaves with their same colour next to them. For instance, if you have a dark red cushion in your couch you can place some branches with dark red leaves in a vase on your coffee table to make your fall decoration highlight.

4. Dried plants are always a good addition

via rawsunshinecoast

I’d say that dried plants are a timeless interior design trend that never goes out of style. Dried plants look amazing in any room and in any time of the year.

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However, on this particular season, they are the quintessential touch. This Autumn, your fall decoration should be around dried plants like these dried palm spears or that beautiful pampas grass.

It is not necessary to say that these gorgeous plants are a good addition to your decoration because you can use them to style your home all year round. Not only dried palm or pampas grass are good for your fall decoration ideas, The Little Deer has a great selection of dried plants that would look stunning into your decoration.

You can also get creative and find your own dried branches outdoors to create centerpieces or wall decorations with them. You can also dry your own plants if you feel adventurous. Play with texture and neutral colours and bring some autumnal air into your home.

5. Put some fall wreaths on your walls

via themerrythought

With some faux florals, you can create this beautiful wreath to decorate your home this fall. It looks so simple and beautiful above that cabinet with those neutral pumpkins on it.

Wreaths are a beautiful wall decoration not only in Autumn. You can use them all year the same way you have an art piece in your wall. I personally love how they look and the wild neutral touch that they bring to any room.

This wreath, in particular, looks good for fall because of the golden pumpkins ornaments, but if you want to keep it into your decoration during more time, you can create the same wreath without the pumpkins so it doesn’t feel seasonal.

6. Hang some leaves to decorate your table

via allsortsofpretty

An amazing idea that looks great for special occasions and I wouldn’t mind to keep it in my place during the whole season.

This may take more effort from your part, but it is a pretty cool DIY project that you can create in your free time. Just go wandering around the park and take some beautiful dried leaves. Have into account that if you want it to look as good as in the picture, you would need to take a lot of leaves. Then you can select different colours and the ones that look better.

To place them above your table, use some thin cord and some tape and hang them from your ceiling. I can’t wait to make it myself at home! The result is pretty amazing, right?

7. Set the mood with blankets and faux sheepskin

via theglitterguide

Summer is gone, we have to start accepting it. Cool days are coming and we need to be prepared! Good news is that now it is time to feel cozy and warm at home, so let’s take out the blankets and decorate our rooms with them.

In the picture above, beautiful faux sheepskin makes the bench more welcoming and cozy and the blanket is inviting us to sit there and get comfy. That corner is telling us to go there, take the blanket and have a big cup of tea. In the same way, the neutral tones and natural materials help to get that homely autumnal mood.

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Take this easy idea for your fall decoration and place some blankets around the coziest points of your home. You can put them on your sofa, armchair, and bedroom, or you can also use sheepskin to cover some chairs. That will make a huge difference!

8. Not only pumpkins are good

via julieblanner

Pumpkins look great for fall decoration, we all agree about that. However, apples can also be a beautiful option for your home this time of the year.

You can create a simple yet stunning decoration for your table, like the one in the picture above, only using seeded eucalyptus, a few candles, and some apples.

I would say that it would look even better if you use different apples of different neutral colours to give more interest and texture to the decoration. Or instead of eucalyptus, you can also go for dried plants or leaves to emphasize even more the seasonal mood in your table. Or maybe, instead of candles you prefer to use some LED lighting? There are endless options!

9. Branches Centerpiece

via marthastewart

Another option for your table would be a gorgeous fall centerpiece. Create beauty from the nature that surrounds you with a stunning focal point to decorate your table.

Go outdoors, enjoy a walk around your closest park, and pick up some beautiful branches to put in a vase as the centerpiece for your table. As easy and good looking as that. To complete the style, you can also add some little pumpkins around the table or on the top of your plates like in the picture above.

Another option, if you don’t feel like gathering around, is to create your centerpiece with dried plants, like this beautiful dried cotton branch. Or maybe you can do both!

10. Start feeling autumnal from the entrance

via carlylethornton

If you don’t want to keep all your creativity just indoors, you can create a beautiful and easy fall decoration for your front door as well.

A few pumpkins around your door and some flowers will be enough to create the mood, but you can also add a nice doormat like the Hey There Pumpkin to really set the mood.

I find this doormat super cute and I would happily have it on my entrance throughout the year.

via thewhiteinterior

As a conclusion…

All these ideas are inspired by nature and this beautiful season that is Autumn. I honestly believe that taking the time to make beautiful and meaningful things around you can bring coziness and happiness to every home.

To beautifully decorate your home and create your fall retreat you just need:

  • Dried plants, flowers, leaves or branches
  • Pumpkins and apples
  • Blankets and faux sheepskin
  • Cushions with autumnal colours or theme

Practice the slow living and gather around looking for beautiful things that you can integrate into your fall decoration. Keep it simple for your home and for your mind. That is the secret to create easily a conscious minimal look for your home this fall.

Did you find any of these 10 fall decoration ideas helpful? I would love to know if you have put these on practice or any other idea you have in mind! Share your experience below.

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