Family flat renovation

A 3 bedroom family flat totally renovated.

This family flat in North London was totally renovated. The main goal of the flat renovation was to make space for an open plan area, two bedrooms, 1 studio, and 2 bathrooms.

Richard and his wife wanted to achieve a modern looking family flat with a hint of exoticism. In our first meeting, they told me that they liked eclectic designs. They wanted to mix the things they loved in a way that worked well in their space. The preferred style for Richard was an industrial style, while his wife was keen for a boho style instead.

I started working in the mood board having into account everything we talk about and their preferences. The idea of mixing styles and create one design with industrial and boho elements was very interesting. I was sure that both styles were going to look amazing.

flat renovation

After a few drawings, pictures and mood board options, we defined the layout, mood, and style. It was important for them to focus the design in a practical living style. Good design needs to be beautiful and personal but also, has to be practical to live in.

Dark tones combined with white and rich textures are key to achieve contrast and get bright spaces at the same time.

We started defining the open area. The best place for the kitchen was one of the corners with the island separating spaces and the dining table following the island. In the other side was the living room with a big sofa as the main element.

To unify the open area in a visual way, we decided to use wallpaper for the main and larger wall of this room. We wanted to use a wallpaper with a beautiful texture to give interest and contrast to this part of the apartment.

flat renovation - kitchen

The design of the kitchen needed to be as practical as possible. The dark floors, the cabinets in dark grey, and the white walls create an elegant timeless look.

The dining area in front of the kitchen follows the same principle. However, it plays with an industrial style table and 2 Nordic style chairs to highlight the modern vibe of the apartment.

The black and golden industrial bookcases on the main wall are in contrast with the boho mirror, rug, and cushions in the living room. This contrast of styles works because all the elements follow the same neutral colour palette.

flat renovation - boho style

For the bedroom, they wanted to achieve plenty of storage, a big bedroom, and a small space to be able to work with the laptop.

The dark frame of the bed, as a central piece, stands out in front of the marble texture wallpaper. The rug also helps to create contrast between the dark floors and as a consequence, it makes the bed stand out even more.

Two different side tables with pendant lamps above them break the symmetry, adding interest to this part of the room.

flat renovation - bedroom design

The available space for the wardrobe was the wall in front of the bed. This wall had a chimney and building structure protruding in its middle area. As a consequence, there were to closets instead of one.

However, anything that at first glance can be an impediment, it can also become an advantage for the design.

We decided to use that middle space to put shelves that can be used to place decorative items and books. Also, the lower shelf made the desk they wanted in this room. This way the desk will be more integrated into the design.

Regarding the kid’s bedroom, they wanted to keep it simple but at the same time putting some fun details in it.

We thought about a white and green colour palette. The main elements in white in contrast with the shelves and soft elements in green.

To create a playfully modern look we needed a beautiful vinyl to make the room stand out. A geometric green bear vinyl was great for this design.

flat renovation - kid's room

In the third room of the apartment, they decided to create a studio to be able to work from home.

A bespoke table with a simple and clever design maximises the available workspace in the studio.

A shelf above the table comes handy for items of regular use. Also, a big bookshelf serves as decoration and practical storage for this room.

flat renovation - studio

The main goal of this flat renovation and the design was to create a realistic and practical flat for a specific family lifestyle.

Sometimes, mixing styles is the best solution to achieve a design that pleases the whole family. If the styles are correctly mixed and the selection of colour palette is the good one for them, it can result in an amazingly beautiful design.

I wasn’t sure about what style worked best for my flat renovation and my family until Tania gave us a few ideas about it. It was very helpful to discuss with her our ideas and needs. She was determined to mix all of our requests and to make something personal and special with it.


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